Welcome to VZP ČR

With more than 6.5 million clients, VZP ČR is the biggest health insurance company in the Czech Republic. VZP ČR has been operating for over 15 years and has been one of the basic pillars of the Czech health care system for a long time. The company is a partner of renowned expert associations and is a highly regarded member of the Association of International Non-profit Making Health and Sick Benefit Insurance Companies (Association Internationale de la Mutuallité).

The goals of VZP ČR are:

Hlavní centrála VZP
  • to be a strong, stable and serious partner to its clients;
  • to provide clients with quality services and information related to health insurance within the applicable legislation;
  • to ensure the provision of quality health care to its clients in all expert areas within a wide network of contractual health care sites;
  • to focus on effective business operation; the deadlines for payments of liabilities are shortened due to changes to the VZP ČR management style.

Regardless of the social ranking of clients, VZP ČR pays health care for them used on the territory of the Czech Republic and in EU member countries – it helps with any health situation. It ensures non-infringement of human, patient and insurance rights of clients. VZP ČR is capable of covering the most demanding medical operations.

In addition to health care, VZP ČR also focuses on health programmes and other preventive actions of which goal is preventing serious diseases; it emphasizes prevention and a healthy lifestyle.

VZP ČR supports the implementation of new diagnostic, examination and therapeutic methods and procedures. Within pilot projects, it allows the testing and subsequent installation of e.g. screening examinations of occult faeces bleeding, mammographic screening, haemorrhoid operations using Long methods, examination of C-reactive protein, etc.